Voyager II

Voyager II is an ongoing body of work informed by the psychological, the surreal, and the everyday. Constructed as portraits, still-life photographs, and landscapes, I aim to use the medium as a form of documentary abstraction of daily life while traversing themes of science fiction, fantasy, and memory.

I started picture-making in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area in early 2010 and upon returning to the area, wanted to create an ongoing photographic practice dedicated both to the people and land through a lens of documentary fiction and abstraction. My relationship to this area is layered; raised in Maryland and educated in Virginia, with both friends and family dispersed throughout the area, I set out to create long-form bodies of work informed and aestheticized through themes of photographic fiction. The picture-making practice combines portraits I've made of friends with whom I still have deep relationships in the area, still life photographs, landscapes, and aims to build itself into a series of books, installations, and written essays. The Voyager II framework is structured to be long-form and in a serial format.

Voyager II names itself from the 1977 NASA space program that sent two probes into interstellar space to study the Outer Solar system. Informed heavily by the framework, methodologies, and philosophy of this program, as well as the “Golden Record” vinyl placed in each probe, my ongoing photo-based practice involves creating fictional photographs and constructions that document people, places, and communal experiences in my home region of D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. I aim to use the framework of the practice as a collaborative method of picture-making and indexing a broad array of individual and collective experiences between friends, family, and the larger DMV community.

Dark Light
22 pgs, saddle stitch
215.9mm x 279.4mm
Edition of 40+3AP
ISBN 979-8-88831-719-8
Cover illustration by Hunter Hastings


Total Darkness
Four pgs
Newsprint, edition of 20+2 AP
100% of the proceeds going to both BW4BL and Global Giving, Supporting black and brown migrants escaping Ukraine.