Collected work (2013-2020)
Published October 10th, 2020

Softcover + hardcover perfect bound 
44pg. lustre printing, charcoal endsheets
215.9 x 279.4 mm
ISBN 979-8-218-07682-5
Edition of 20+5 AP

Self published from Prince George’s county, MD 

Part catalog, part archive, part collection of photographs, documentation of installations at t-shirt shops, rappers in parking lots, a 3D printed chain hanging in front of a bright, ambiguous backdrop, a father holding his child – A messy disarray of portraits, still lives and collage embodies the work and developing photo practice of daniel diasgranados. Heavily informed by the sublime, documentary fiction, and bricolage, we see the first installation of works made by a photographer and artist inquiring the surreal power of the mundane. Beginning with these questions, work unfolds itself. Characters come into play within fictional settings that take place within the documentary landscapes and still life imagery. The photographs are made and people return to their lives. Messy, blurry photographs are juxtaposed with documented objects of football helmets and concrete hair brushes.

Within this book I am valuing the power of being as it relates to the sublime and surreal. Borrowing, thinking and rethinking from an array of aesthetic tools and practices – commercial photography lighting, mixed-media collage work, video stills, sculpture, and 3D printing, I am interested in building a “second” space informed by both personal and communal experiences of being raised within the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area within the United States.

These experiences have allowed for a fiction to be built – a fiction that is interested in questioning systems of power, examining experience and memory, and borrows heavily from science fiction, video game paraphernalia, props, and pure play and construction. 

This book contains documentation from pop-up installations of “Voyager”, writings on the bricolage and a forward written on the early aesthetic tools and notes pertaining to the first iteration of works and collaborative practices by daniel diasgranados. 

The 2nd pressing of this book was available on December 4th, 2020 as a hardcover edition of 20. 

A special edition of this book was made available in collaboration with Ethan Hickerson on, a website distributing books for mental health scholarships during the Covid-19 pandemic
available here